I love contrast. My most favorite contrasting things are horror, death, and Americana. There’s something about the old ideas of an innocent American way of life mixed with a hell-ish atmosphere that just feels like home for me. I’ve found the the perfect way to express this is through collage.

I use collage, raw material, wood, and fabric, to cut apart and kidnap images from their original worlds and place them into my world. Using found materials for my work helps me create my own narrative for the images, and while I put bubbly images into dark scenes, I’m also bringing these materials back to life, giving them a new life.

Working with mostly found materials is, in itself, a challenge I love to face. Being restricted to what I have in front of me allows me to be even more creative with the materials. I will go and put myself in a place, like near a dumpster, or at a thrift store, until the items I am subconsciously searching for come to me. I am forever chasing an idea, that is usually right in front of me. The thrill of the chase is where the fun begins.